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752 9th AveNew York, NY 10019
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Midtown West Barbershop!

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The Classic Barbershop welcomes you! You’ll be professionally groomed by barbers who will help you select your unique style based on your face and head shape, rather than a trendy, popular cut. Choosing the right haircut, well-groomed beard, and mustache can speak volumes about a man’s character and strength. That’s why you should visit Little Tony and Igor Be Good Barbershop Midtown West. In a barbershop, you don’t just get a haircut, you have an experience. Little Tony and Igor are excellent barbers.

Midtown Barbershop Services

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How does our barber studio work? We offer a wide range of services for men’s haircuts, kids haircut, styling, beard trims, and beard sculpts. Our barbers also specialize in straight razor shaving, both classic and modern techniques. If you’ve never had a straight razor shave, you’re missing out. Try it and you’ll be blown away!

With Little Tony and Igor Be Good as your barbers, you will leave feeling like a completely different person: both inside and out.

Barber Services

  • Barber Services $40
  • Haircut & Wash $45
  • Shave $40
  • Crew Cut $25
  • Hair Line Clean-Up $25
  • Beard Trim $25
  • Goatee Trim $15

Why Choose Us?

our comfortable locations

One of Manhattan’s most renowned streets, 875 3rd Avenue in Midtown East is home to Little Tony and Igor Be Good. It has been a barbershop in Manhattan for more than 30 years.  It’s the ideal location for the studio since you can easily get here using any mode of transportation.

In addition to ease of transportation, here are 5 more reasons why men prefer Little Tony and Igor Be Good:

  • You’re instantly made to feel welcome.
  • Our barbers focus on the quality of the service
  • We value our clients’ time as well as their money.
  • We use and recommend only high-quality, hypoallergenic skin and hair products
  • Before and after use, every surface and tool is cleaned and sanitized.

Our barbers specialize not just in sharp haircuts, but also in beard trims and treatments. When working with a client, our specialists first assess the client’s head shape, hair direction, and previous haircut. We follow this method because it’s crucial for ensuring that every haircut and beard trim looks great on you. Our barbershop’s philosophy is built on three pillars: comfort, quality, and professionalism.

Most accessible Manhattan West Barber Shop

If you’re in the middle of Manhattan and need a haircut, Little Tony & Igor Be Good Barber shop is the place for you. Our modernly equipped salon is located one block away from Macy’s at 340 West 49th Street, on one of the busiest shopping streets in Manhattan–you can get a haircut during the hours most convenient for you, without wasting even one moment of your time. Little Tony and Igor are always ready to respect your time and will do their best to make your experience the most enjoyable ever.