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The Best Barber Shops in New York Since its inception over a hundred years ago, Our barbershop has always been about tradition. The world changed dramatically, but the essence of what makes a barbershop a barbershop has not changed.

A barbershop that closely follows the traditional concept of the original barbershop. Owner Tony Badalamenti, who died several years ago, will long be remembered. “Little Tony and Igor Be Good” barbershop now operates at that location and our Flagship Barber Shop on 49th Street. Those who knew Tony would be pleased to know that new owner Igor is proud to continue the respected tradition established by Tony Badalamenti at our historic location in the West Village. Igor’s barbershop will uphold the tradition and stand out as a shining example of how the barbershop has been and will continue to be a special place in the neighborhood for people to come.

At Igor’s barbershop, the saying is simply “Little Tony Be Good Barbershop”. The salon provides superior hair care and hair styling services for women and men. In a setting that exudes old world charm and comfort, our barbers in nyc at Igor’s New York barbershops fully understand all aspects of the hair industry, and are skilled hair professionals who strive to provide the best service possible. If you are looking for a great place to go that delivers outstanding customer service provided by best barbers in nyc, expert hair care, hair styles to choose from, and a warm friendly atmosphere, then Igor’s barbershop is the perfect place for you and your hair care needs.

There is nothing better, than a perfectly suitable haircut. At our barber shop in the West Village we offer you a haircut of your dreams. Our professionals can turn into life any type of haircut. No matter what you want traditional, modern, classic or trendy, everything is possible at midtown barber shop. Our hairstylists are skilled professionals who are ready to provide great haircuts taking into account the requests of our clients. Moreover our hairstylists at our barber shop are aware of all aspects of hair care and hairstyles, so don’t waste your time, make your hairstyle dream come true!

Want to get amazing shaving experience, but don’t know where to walk in? Our Barber shop offers you an opportunity to try traditional barbershop shave at moderate prices. One of the advantages of old school barbering is smooth results and delight feelings after the services. We provide our service step by step as it was done by professionals over a hundred years ago. Our barbers spent a lot of time finding out the nuances of perfect shave completed a century ago and are ready to share their knowledge with you.

Now men need to take care of their appearance no less than women. For this reason we decided to provide men with total package of services. Thus, men get a unique possibility to experience premium wash and haircut services at barber shop in midtown. If you want to get amazing haircut and squeaky-clean hair, out total package is a perfect variant for you. Out talented hair stylists ensure you get professional hair care in a required period of time.

It is well known fact that kids are the flowers of our lives. It is not surprising that all of us want to give our kids the best things we can. Our Barbers offer you a range of services dedicated to kids hair care. At our barber shop we understand that when it comes to kids, trendy hair styles are of great importance. That is why our professionals always stay on top of the latest trends regarding the hair industry. At our barber shops, we are aware of all peculiarities of work with kids and our staff can easily adapt to serving kid’s hair needs.

Many men visit barbershops for getting grooming services on a regular basis. Therefore, it happens you need only a limited level of service. For such occasions at our shop exist a set of services that are provided separately from each other. It means that you’ll get only what you need. One of such services is a shape up. You need to look your very best for a special occasion? Then use our shape up service at our West Village or Midtown Barber shops.



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